Sunday, October 12, 2014

Girls Who Cannot Stop Taking Hot Selfies

Selena + Boobs!

Selena Gomez has been rumored to have gotten a breast enhancement, and this is Exhibit A in the trial against her claims that she is au naturale.

A Diamond Indeed

The diamonds in the dress or not the only things shining in this photograph. This chick's sex appeal burns hotter than the sun.

The View Does NOT Get Any Better

Wait, hold it there for a second. We are going to build our mansion right in this spot so we never, ever, have to leave this view again.


This picture fills us with pleasure, but also a tinge of sadness because we think this is how hot Miley Cyrus could look if she would just let her darn locks grow out!

Just a Leeetle Higher Please

If only she did not end the slideshow with her shirt on, this would be one of the best selfie collages of all time, and we say that with much experience in the matter.

Around the Globe Beauty

Foreign beauties always intrigue us, like a rare gem brought over from lands that you have never seen before, filling you up with wonder and lust for the mystery of it all, and she is no different.

I Can't Stop!

Wow, are there even words in the English dictionary that do her beauty justice? Me thinks not, thus we will not even try.

Selfie Addiction, Population: USA

Is it an addiction if you cannot, for the life of you, stop yourself from snapping another selfie. If we looked like this we would be addicted to ourselves, too.

Do It Again!

Working out and taking selfies go hand in hand. It is science, the more you workout, the better you feel about yourself. The better you feel, the more selfies you snap.

What a Body!

This is one of the most naturally beautiful looking female figures we have encountered, we just want to dive in and slide down the water fall from her neck to her toes.